Memory Palaces exhibition dates: January 6 – 28, 2017.

Gallery hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 1-5pm.

Exhibition opening: Thursday, January 5th from 7-10 pm

Founders talk: Saturday, January 21 at 4pm

New exhibition celebrates over a decade of arts programming at Oxygen Art Centre!

Artist Statement: Liminality in the Pink

Life composts us, cooking away superfluities until we are essence. The roles we play, circumstances we live, make us each different as our essence becomes more clear. Soul makes her mark upon body in a well-knitted way.

A lacy tablecloth left to the elements for one winter becomes more lacy with its disintegration. These pieces, Liminality in the Pink, are a representation of the processes one lifetime may experience in its march through archetypal experiences of feminine existence: Virgin, Lover, Mother, Crone (left to right).

The four pieces (framed: 32” x 20”/ 81x50 cm) were exhibited in the group show, Faint Evidence, 2006.

A five sided object is part of the Memory Palace Exhibition. The object has an image of each of the pieces plus one of the antique table cloth while it was sewn to the trees outside my South Slocan Schoolhouse studio. 






Liminality in the Pink, The Mother, Mixed Media, 2006

Liminality in the Pink, The Mother, Mixed Media, 2006