Philosopher at the Skin Edge of Being

Imagining how the philosopher imagines is one way to read and learn a philosophy and is especially suited to the practice of poetry. Sometimes poetry has the ability to be the reality when philosophy can only describe it. Philosopher at the Skin Edge of Being marches through the seasons as Jia-li, a mountain woman, and a girl philosopher inhabit their cosmos, sluicing philosophy of antiquity through twenty-first century existence. They imagine the world as the sages may or may not have.

Signature Editions  ISBN:978-1927426-04-3April 2013

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Love & Tribal Baseball

Love & Tribal Baseball is a tour-de-force that employs the mythical properties of baseball in a meditation on “tribe” and “tribal love,” both personal and societal. The positions of the game are iconographic; and the players, literally, are playing the game of their lives. Love, memory, genetics—all are seen through the framework of the game. We are drawn into this vision and take our place in the meditation, just as “the outfielder dreams, her glove empty.” 

BuschekBooks ISBNs: 978-1-894543-41-5 1-894543-41-6 112 pages 6 x 9 inches $15.00 Cdn/$12.00 U.S. trade paperback October 2007



Susan Andrews Grace brings her singular voice and vision to her long-awaited third collection of poetry. This is an exuberant exploration through six finely-tuned poetry sequences that are at once playful and serious - irreverent and spirited. Andrews Grace is fearless as she enters deserts both real and mythical while evoking dialogues with such figures as Erasmus, Thomas More and Martin Luther. Here is a poetry that crackles with intelligence and verve and draws us in with a language of contemplation and complaint; here is a voice that is wise, cunning and musical. Andrews Grace's unceasing imagination and her unique sense of poetic inquiry give us startling new ways of looking at personal choice and ideas of faith.

Hagios Press ISBN 0-9739727-1-8 · Paperback · 8." x 5." · 112 pages  $16.95 (CDN) / $14.95 (US) · Release Date: April 2006 (out of print)



With lyric intensity and earthy humour, Susan Andrews Grace moves into and through the history of a woman, the history of women and the authority of text itself, to knit together this web of poems which celebrate spiritual liberation and a true historical inheritance.

Paperback: 223 pages, Publisher: COTEAU BOOKS (Jan 1 1998) ISBN-10: 1550501291 ISBN-13: 978-1550501292  (out of print)




Water is the First World is a perceptive collection of quietly assertive poems about women’s nurturing roles in the cycles of life.

Coteau Books  ISBN: 155050018X  Pub. Date: January 1991  (out of print)